About us

Meetab is a manufacturer of innovative custom supplements. Unlike competitors that offer standard supplements based on broad categories, thanks to the Numex® Test Meetab creates customized supplements so the customer gets only what their body really needs according to their metabolic situation.

This is possible through contact with world experts in nutrition, biology and in the new science of metabolomics.

Metabolomics is a cutting-edge science that studies the chemical imbalances in the body. These imbalances are behind the deterioration of the functions of the body and are caused by a lack of nutrients.

Thanks to the research of the world's leading experts in metabolomics, Meetab is able to create supplements that provide the body with the necessary nutrients by combining them with each other in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Drawing on thousands of medical examinations carried out in recent years by professionals of metabolomics, the Numex® test has been devised to identify the deficiencies of the body. By establishing a person's metabolic condition, it is then possible to provide the nutrients that a person really needs through custom supplements to improve their physical condition.

All too often, in the field of vitamins and supplements, a particular vitamin is mistakenly identified as being the solution to all problems. What is actually needed is a far broader and more organized approach in which the nutritional substances required are linked to those elements needed for our body to assimilate them efficiently. This is Meetab's goal, to create complete supplements that will help the body to function in the best possible way providing all the substances required for this to happen.


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Meetab LLC - 808 Sevard Ave - CLEARWATER, FL 33764

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