A bottle that expresses the company values

One of the most particular aspects of Meetab products is the peculiar green bottle with rounded edges and a minimal style on the label.

This design was created by Loris Zoppelletto, the company director. One day he was walking in the middle of the bustle of a train station and with the corner of his eye saw one product in a shop which was immediately recognisable for its design.

From there the inspiration to have a very recognisable and characteristic bottle bottle for the company which at the same time could express the values of Meetab: scientificy, innovation and pureness.

We do not want a simple green, we wanted something special. One day we were visiting a supplier with whom we were developing some prototypes and we saw a green Lamborghini and we fell in love immediately

From the concept we then moved to the implementation and after a loro of work and trials the Meetab bottles like you see now came to life. This would not have been possible without many people of our team and a special thanks goes most of all to the designers for their incredible job and support.

Bottles, among the other things, are made by a material completely recyclable, certified to contain foods.

Green bottle

Promoter Program

Do you know anyone who could benefit from the use of our metabolomic supplements or do you have several customers who buy supplements already and you want to recommend products of very high quality and effectiveness to them?

Now you can become a Meetab Promoter.


A Promoter is a person who promotes or recommends Meetab supplements to their friends or customers and in return receives a percentage of all purchases made by the Clients introduced.


Anyone can be a Meetab Promoter. It can be someone who wants to let their friends and family know about our products, a doctor who recommends our supplements, someone who is enthusiastic about products that recruits a doctor who can recommend them, someone who knows several professionals who already sell or recommend supplements, etc..

How much can a Promoter earn?

A Promoter earns 8% on all customers directly introduced and a further 8% on any customers introduced by his/her customers in turn.

Details on payment methods and procedures are written in the contract for Promoters available at the link at the bottom of the page.

How does it work?

It 's very simple, just follow two simple steps:
1) Become a registered member of this website
2) Register as a Promoter by filling in the form on the online contract at the bottom of the page.

When you have completed these first two basic steps, you can give your friends and customers a 10% discount if they are not yet registered on this website.

To get the discount your customers, at the time of registration, simply need to fill in the field "Email of your Promoter".

They will get 10% off on their first purchase and you will get 8% reward on all subsequent purchases made by that customer.

Summary of the relationship between Promoter – Customer

relationship promoter and customer


In the event that a person who you have introduced, becomes a Promoter as well, they would be identified for you as Sub-Promoter.

In this case, if a customer is introduced by the Sub-Promoter, they will get a 10% discount on the first purchase as usual, the Promoter will get 8% and the Sub-Promoter will earn 2% on all subsequent purchases made by that customer introduced by the Sub-Promoter.

Summary of the relationship among Promoter – Sub Promoter - Customer

 relationship promoter and subpromoter

How to become a Promoter?

This program is available for every customer who signs up on our website, simply by clicking on their “My Account” page.